Using Mary Magdalene Church as a centre of excellence, with a makeshift mock prison cell & interview room built. We will take direct referrals from key agencies via an existing arrangement from Liaison & Diversion, Schools & Key partners to run a range of sessions with the aim of reducing Anti Social Behaviour & Criminal Activities, breaking the cycle of young people already involved in crime, & those at risk of getting into trouble.

Delivering bespoke presentation on the following topics:

  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Crime
  • Hate Crime
  • Drugs / Drug Dealing / NOX Gas
  • Knife & Weapon Crime
  • County Line
  • Extremism / Radicalisation & Terrorism
  • Gangs / Street Violence
  • Road Safety / Fast Cars
  • Life in Prison – Ex Con
  • Criminal Justice Service – Arrest & Prison
  • Online Bullying
  • Muling
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Grooming
  • Stop & Search
  • Rap Workshop

The aim is for a reduction criminal activities in the areas across the ward where this is currently happening. Young people will then start to feel more part of the multi cultural community rather than being perceived to be alienated from society and them feeling that there are no opportunities for them because of the religion, faith, gender, disability & sexual orientation. The programme will focus on young people to look at their actions and the impact it has on the wider community. Through young people being listened to and providing a safe and welcoming environment with a programme that is based on their needs, they would feel that they are being listened to and have a voice which will raise their self esteem and aspirations, which will enable them to make more informed choices about their lives and their future.

The main groups of beneficiaries will have a positive change to young people and those at risk of anti-social behaviour, but we hope that the wider community will benefit from the presence of the hub and its activities.